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Skycafe: Istanbul's Taste Stop in the Sky

For those who want to have a delicious break when looking at the unique combination of Istanbul from above, SkyCafe at Emaar Skyview offers an eye-catching option. It promises visitors a pleasure filled with delicious snacks and drinks, accompanied by the deep blue Bosphorus view and the fascinating silhouette of the historical peninsula. This break will be a good thing for you after the exciting experience on the glass terrace.

Flavours That Touch the Sky

SkyCafe’s menu will tempt you with its tempting snacks and dessert options. Located at one of the highest points of Istanbul, it offers its visitors both taste and view in every bite. You can experience many desserts, from traditional Turkish desserts to modern pastry delicacies. Light and satisfying snacks, handmade sandwiches, and the most popular local and international cuisines come together for you here.

A Perfect Experience with a View

SkyCafe provides an excellent experience to its visitors not only with its menu but also with the magnificent view it offers. It will be great for you to take a delicious break after your exciting walk on the glass observation deck. Whether you are watching the glow of the sunset or watching the city shining under the night lights, this unique cafe offers the perfect background for every moment.

A Unique Meeting Point in the Heart of Istanbul

Located among the clouds in the heart of Istanbul, this unique meeting point has become a favorite spot for both locals and tourists visiting the city. If you want to spice up your daily meal moments, watch a pleasant sunset, spend time with friends, discover a new coffee corner, spend your holiday or drink a cup of coffee in a different atmosphere, you should experience this place with a wonderful view.

A Unique Coffee Experience in Istanbul

Located at Emaar Skyview, SkyCafe is an indispensable address for those looking for a unique coffee experience in Istanbul. It awaits everyone who wants to take a calm breath and have a delicious coffee break at high altitudes, in the dynamic rhythm of the city. At the top of Istanbul, at this point where taste and view meet, you will feel the spirit of the city in every sip. While you sip your hot tea on this unique observation deck, the view of Istanbul will accompany you.

The coffee options offered at SkyCafe range from globally loved classics to local delicacies. From espresso to latte, from cappuccino to Turkish coffee, there is an option to suit every taste. There are also many cold drinks available for those who want to cool off, such as cold coffee, iced tea and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Explore Istanbul from Above

SkyCafe allows you to look at Istanbul from a completely different perspective from above. You can enjoy your snacks while watching the history, culture and liveliness of the city from a position adjacent to the clouds. You will not forget what you saw or ate after this unique experience that takes you up to an altitude of 300 meters on the glass-bottomed walkway. All you have to do is enjoy your coffee in front of the Galata tower view at Skycafe.

Information for Visitors

Emaar Skyview SkyCafe is open every day of the week at certain hours. Access to the venue is very easy and Emaar AVM also has parking options. For more information and current events about the Cafe, you can visit the website or follow the latest news on social media accounts.

Not Just a Cafe, An Experience

SkyCafe offers visitors Istanbul It stands out as a place that promises to take a break at the top of , enjoy a menu full of delicious snacks and relax against the fascinating view of the city. Whether it’s a quiet lunch break or a lively evening, SkyCafe offers experiences that will make every moment special.

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