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Fun in the Sky: Exciting Skyfun Adventure at Emaar Skyview

We are with you in the most exclusive shopping mall in Üsküdar, full of historical symbols of the Anatolian side. We offer an exciting way to discover the beauties of Istanbul more closely and enjoy the sky: Skyfun at Emaar Skyview!

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Dancing with the Clouds at SkyFun

Emaar Skyview, with its location in the center of Istanbul, allows you to rediscover the sky and the city on the glass observation deck. Viewing binoculars and telescopes at Skyview allow you to see the fascinating details of Istanbul from a 360-degree panoramic angle. You can have the opportunity to examine the dazzling stars, the shining sun and perhaps the full moon through telescopes, accompanied by the magnificent view.

You can enjoy the view among the white clouds accompanied by a cloud machine. This experience will make you feel like you are on cloud nine and will make your inner child jump with joy.

Skyfun offers unique entertainment, especially for those who want to make school holidays and university trips more enjoyable. You can enjoy the fun 300 meters above the ground by riding the seesaw. Galata Bridge, Golden Horn, Kadıköy, the whole city is under your feet and will accompany your excitement. Don’t forget to record your memories by taking photos in this enjoyable event where you will take part with your friends.

Seesaw Usage and Rules: Things to Know for Safe Fun

The use of seesaw is subject to some rules. Visitors whose body weight is between 30-150 kg and whose height is between 120 cm and 200 cm can ride the seesaw. Items such as personal belongings, cell phones and sharp jewelry need to be removed.

Additionally, one must not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or substances that impair judgment. Visitors with physical or mental health issues are advised not to use the seesaw.

Istanbul’s Fun and Adventure Stop: Skyfun at Skyview

Skyview is one of the must-see places for those who want to explore the beauties of Istanbul and those who are also looking for fun and adventure. This fun event appeals to visitors of all ages and is also a perfect option for families. -2nd floor of Emaar AVM. You can join this unique adventure by purchasing a ticket from the first floor. You can click the “buy tickets” button on our website for ticket prices, discounts and campaign information.

Gather your courage to meet the beauties of the sky and the fascinating views of the city and have a fun experience. Open the doors of Emaar Skyview and discover Istanbul from a different perspective. Skyfun adventure awaits you!

You can visit this wonderful location, which is on the list of places to visit in Istanbul, at affordable prices.

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