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İSkywalk: Unveiling the City Beneath Your Feet

Istanbul is a city renowned for its historical, cultural richness, and natural beauty. But now, we offer you an exciting way to experience Istanbul from a different perspective. Skywalk is situated in the heart of the city, on the 47th floor of Emaar Skyview, inviting you to an experience that will lift your feet off the ground.

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An Exciting Experience at the Summit of Istanbul

Skywalk offers a unique experience designed to welcome daring adventurers and landscape enthusiasts. This 30-meter-wide glass walkway is located 300 meters above sea level, giving visitors the sensation of walking above Istanbul itself. This modern structure, one of the must-visit places in Istanbul, will make you feel like a bird freely roaming the sky. Skywalk presents you with a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and push your limits.

Additionally, Skywalk holds the title of Europe’s longest glass balcony. With a depth of 2.70 meters and a length of 26 meters, this structure boasts a magnificent design. The glass floor reveals the deep abyss below you and showcases the enchanting panorama of Istanbul. The Galata Bridge, the Golden Horn, Kadikoy, and the atmosphere of the Anatolian side are all right beneath your feet.

Romance, Adrenaline, and Enjoyment in Istanbul

This impressive atmosphere not only provides an opportunity to capture breathtaking photos but also allows for intriguing social media posts. With Skywalk, visitors can reach new heights of interaction. With stunning poses on the glass terrace, you can break records for likes and followers on your social media. Don’t forget to add it to the top of your activity list and simply savor Istanbul.

The glass terrace on the 47th floor of Emaar SkyView is an excellent option for couples looking to experience romantic moments. Here, you can propose to your loved one amidst a breathtaking backdrop and make this moment unforgettable. This unique venue adorned with a stunning view will help you reach the peak of romance.

A great option for school and university trips. Students and teachers have the opportunity to explore Istanbul’s unique views and historical landmarks. Skywalk perfectly combines learning and entertainment.

Hosting magnificent events, this venue brings distances closer at every step. You can capture the moment with your mobile phones and, in the future, savor your memories.

Exciting Stroll at Skywalk

If you want to discover the beauty of Istanbul from a different perspective and experience an adventure filled with excitement, you can visit Skywalk. Skywalk appeals to adrenaline enthusiasts of all ages, young and old, as well as families and children.

You can join this unique adventure by purchasing tickets from the -2nd floor of Emaar Shopping Mall. You can also learn about ticket prices for entry to Skywalk by clicking ‘Buy Tickets’ on our website. Visit our website for campaign and discount information.

If you’re ready for the Skywalk experience, gather your courage and open the doors of Emaar Skyview to savor Istanbul’s enchanting panorama. This exciting walk will provide you with delightful moments and the opportunity to explore Istanbul’s beauty from a different perspective. Get ready to experience this unique adventure and see the city from a bird’s-eye view.

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