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Discover Istanbul from a Different Perspective

Istanbul is a city steeped in history and culture that fascinates with its unique views. Would you like to see this fascinating city from a different perspective? Here we would like to introduce you to one of the favorite tourist attractions of Istanbul: Emaar SkyView.

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İstanbul Boğazı, Asya ve Avrupayı birbirine bağlayan bir geçit niteliğinde olup 30 kilometre uzunluğundadır.

The Magic of Emaar SkyView

Emaar SkyView is a magnificent observation point that offers the chance to watch the city from 300 meters. Witness the breathtaking view of Kadıköy from this height and explore every aspect of Istanbul with a 360-degree view. This experience is famous for having the longest glass terrace in Europe and offers unique views of Istanbul.

This event venue has become the meeting point for Istanbulites. It has an important place among the activities to be held in Istanbul and offers historical and cultural views to visitors. Symbols such as the Golden Horn, the Islands, Galata Bridge, Kadıköy and the Bosphorus are waiting for you in the sky at an uninterrupted 360-degree angle. Thanks to Emaar SkyView, you can experience the view of Istanbul more closely and impressively than you have ever seen.

Emaar SkyView: How can I go?

It is very easy to reach Emaar SkyView. Firstly, -2 from inside Emaar Square Mall. You can go up by elevator in just 58 seconds by purchasing a ticket from the SkyView entrance area on the first floor. Indoor and outdoor areas located on the 47th and 48th floors offer the perfect place to experience the beauties of Istanbul.

A 30-meter balcony made entirely of glass hosts the excitement of the city. Discover the symbols, historical landmarks and modern structure of Istanbul. Consisting of 2 floors, over 200 meters high in the sky, Emaar SkyView offers an unforgettable experience.

Discover Istanbul from a Different Perspective

World-famous Istanbul has always been a fascinating city. Emaar SkyView offers the opportunity to view this fascinating city from the sky. Whether you want to explore history and culture or just enjoy the magnificent view, you can visit Emaar SkyView. Perhaps today is the right time to experience the beauties of Istanbul from a 360-degree angle.

Emaar SkyView is a center of attraction not only for exploring Istanbul, but also for coffee lovers. You can enjoy Turkish coffee or coffee with this magnificent view on the glass terrace. There is also a seesaw that offers a great experience for your children. Add Emaar SkyView to your list of places to visit in Istanbul and watch this magnificent city from the sky.

For a romantic dinner with your lover or a fun day with your children, Emaar SkyView offers an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Favorite Tourist Attraction in Istanbul

Emaar Skyview is a perfect option to explore the fascinating view of the Anatolian side and watch Beylerbeyi Palace and many historical sites from the Bosphorus. Get the opportunity to see the symbols, history and beauties of Istanbul from a 360-degree perspective. This unique visual feast will make your Istanbul holiday unforgettable.

Ticket prices and discounts also play an important role when planning a holiday in Istanbul. Emaar SkyView offers many options to visitors by offering affordable prices and special discounts. It also offers you the chance to explore different parts of Istanbul from the sky by adding it to your tour route.

Emaar SkyView, which is among the places to visit in Istanbul, serves as a guide for those who want to discover the historical and cultural symbols of the city. While this observation point reveals the view of Istanbul, it also hosts a bird’s eye view of the history of the city. For those who love taking photos, it is a visual feast full of magnificent views.

İstanbul’un sembollerinden biri olan Adalar ilçesi; yaz aylarının vazgeçilmez lokasyonlarından biridir.

Emaar SkyView Offers an Ideal Route for Holidays

You can both enjoy the view of Istanbul and enjoy Turkish coffee or coffee at Sky Cafe. There is also a fun seesaw for your children, making your holiday enjoyable and unforgettable for everyone.

For those who want to explore the beauties of Istanbul, Emaar SkyView offers a magnificent view from the sky. History, culture, entertainment and coffee pleasure come together in this unique place. Start exploring Istanbul from a different perspective by planning today. Emaar SkyView is a perfect option for holidaymakers to create unforgettable memories.

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